Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Don't feed the alligators

video via NBC2, WBBH, Ft. Myers.

There's a reason why the State of Florida has a law that prohibits the feeding of alligators.

That's because alligators are most dangerous when they associate humans with food.

"Captain Wally" found that out the hard way.

From the Miami Herald:
Alligator bites off hand of airboat tour captain

An airboat ride with six tourists turned tragic Tuesday when an alligator bit the hand of the captain in Everglades City.

Witnesses told WINK News they saw the man, known as Captain Wally, feeding an alligator around before the attack.

Florida wildlife officials say they captured the alligator, dissected it and removed the hand from its belly.

Wally and the hand were taken to a Naples hospital where doctors hoped to reattach it.

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  1. So did they fine the idiot? And why kill the alligator because someone plays the fool?


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