Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Random Pixels Losers Corner welcomes...

Brittany Glaid.

...Brittany Glaid of Pembroke Pines.

We launched the Random Pixels Losers Corner in September of last year.

In that time the Losers Corner has welcomed a few dumb criminals, a lovesick cop who fired his gun at his ex-girlfriend who also happened to be a cop, a couple of Coral Springs cops who got caught falsifying a police report, and a Miami cop who was stopped and handcuffed last year by a Highway patrol trooper after he blew by her at 120mph.

But in this installment, we're welcoming snotty, self-absorbed 26 year-old Brittany Glaid of Pembroke Pines.

Brittany popped up on my TV the other night as I was watching Channel 7 News.

We've all met someone like Brittany. South Beach is full of people like her. You know...the ones who think the universe revolves around them.

Brittany was featured on an episode of "Help Me Howard" because she's suing an 8 year-old girl. You heard that right: she's suing an 8 year-old girl.

The 8 year-old was out riding her bike in her neighborhood when she accidentally bumped into Glaid's car which was blocking the sidewalk. The car sustained a minor scratch.

The girl got off her bike and knocked on Glaid's door to tell her what had happened.

Glaid responded by calling the cops. Then she called her lawyer. She's suing because wants the 8 year-old to pay the $200 cost of repairing the scratch.

Watch the "Help Me Howard" segment below.

Congratulations Brittany. It normally takes a monumental act of stupidity to get into the Losers Corner.

But you are the first inductee who got here by simply being yourself: A Snotty Bitch!


  1. The police should have given Brittany a ticket for blocking the sidewalk. Apparently this witch is unaware that sidewalks are not meant for parking cars... or brooms!

  2. Neighbors have the picture of the car blocking the sidewalk. They need to call the police back and get her ticketed. She will drop the case once she realized she was partly to blame.

  3. Like most normal middle-income communities, there are OK areas and not-so-OK areas. Sorry, if you live in Pembroke Pines, you have no reason to be snotty. At that point, you're just a bitch...without any further qualification.


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