Sunday, June 24, 2012

La Carreta: The Miami Celebration Spot

After watching the insipid, childish cheerleading that took place last week on many of Miami's TV stations; I was beginning to despair there was no one left in Miami who remembered how to tell a story with a camera without getting in the way of the story.

Thankfully, a few still remember.

From Belvedere Stories:
Throughout the Heat's playoff run, the city has been on edge. Miamians wanted a championship so bad they could taste it. This was our year, and we were all confident that our team could do it.

But the one thing we could be sure of was that if and when they won, La Carreta on Bird Road would be flooded with people celebrating. The sounds of banging pots, honking horns and Spanish music blasting from cars would fill the streets and impromptu parades and conga lines would jam the sidewalks.

Last night, Miami did not disappoint! The Heat ended their glorious Finals run against OKC 4-1, and the Miami community did what it does best: jubilant unapologetic celebration.

La Carreta: The Miami Celebration Spot from Belvedere Stories on Vimeo.

Thanks to Chuck Fadely for the heads up.

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