Thursday, August 21, 2008

Breaking News! Jim DeFede quits radio gig

UPDATED @ 9:20pm
Jim Defede has abruptly quit his afternoon radio show on WFTL. DeFede has held down the 4pm to 7pm slot since January after leaving WINZ last year.

DeFede was on the air yesterday. In an e-mail to Random Pixels he wrote: "I left wftl today." He didn't elaborate. I've followed up and asked him to comment further.

Who knows; maybe he's going back to WINZ. After all, his webpage is still online!

DeFede is also an investigator and commentator for CBS4 News.


Jim DeFede responds by e-mail:

From: Defede, Jim (
Sent: Thu 8/21/08 9:07 PM

Hi Bill,

Here is what I would say about my time at WFTL:

Even though WFTL is a strange little right-wing radio station with a weak signal in Dade, I still thought I could help them out.

I gave them an irreverent and funny show that featured dozens of local and national politicians from both sides of the aisle.

Unfortunately I never meshed with the rest of the station so rather than continue working there, I asked them to buy me out of the remaining 14 months of my contract. We were able to reach a deal this week and my time at WFTL is now over.

Leaving WFTL will free me up to do even more with CBS4 News.

I wish the folks at WFTL all the best.
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  1. Jim Defede was talented, funny and clever. However, he made a few comments mentioning Jewish references and Israel that could be perceived as hostile. It doesn't surprise me that he is gone from 940, 850 and fired from the newspaper.

    As Kathy Griffin once said during her stand up routine, "Don't mess the Jews."

    Jim, be careful or you might lose your gig at CBS4.

    -A concerned fan

  2. Well, he had a pathetic show. My day is so much nicer now during the 4 - 7pm times.

  3. Jim had more like an irrelevant show.

  4. I enoyed the hell out of his show, even though I live in South Dade and the signal was weak.
    He made me laugh, he made me cry, he entertained me.
    I will follow him to whatever station he ends up at next. He is the most fun guy in the radio business, and I am sure he'll find a home

  5. Jim: Don't let the boogie-men silence freedom of speech. When you made what I thought were strange comments about the coulporter who got struck by lightning and where was God to save him, I emailed you. That's freedom of speech. But I find it disturbing that the otherside can blast us with whatever they want us to hear and believe. Listeners like myself had a platform to be heard. You educated us with your variety of guests and subjects. We need variety and an army to blow PROPAGANDA right-wing media moguls and minions out of the water. Yours truly, Mitch

  6. And here I thought he was fired because the station got so many letters like mine complaining about what an amoral, stupid, backstabbing pig he was. I started changing the station at 4 after he went on and on about how great that little sociopath who stole his grandmothers car was.

  7. jim is a hell of a man,,,i like him a lot. becouse in today world is hard to find somebody who has the cojones to speak freedly the way jim talk in south florida...he got in trouble with the cuban too becouse he will not submit to the cuban like a lot of jurnalist do around here......speak truth to power that's what jim do....


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