Friday, August 29, 2008

You read it here first!

On Wednesday I speculated - somewhat tongue-in-cheek - on the prospects that Hurricane Gustav might put a damper on the Republican National Convention which is scheduled to kick-off on Monday in Minneapolis.

Well, there's news today from no less an authority than the Washington Post, that the Republicans are considering postponing the convention.

The Post reports that "the threat is serious enough that White House officials are also debating whether President Bush should cancel his scheduled convention appearance." He's almost out of office but it looks like he's finally starting to get it. Better late than never.

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds told the Post, "Senator McCain has always been sensitive to national crisis."

Here are some pictures of McCain being sensitive during our last national crisis on August 29, 2005 - the day Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans - by celebrating his birthday with Dubya.

But it took McCain almost three years to show how sensitive he really is by finally getting around to visiting New Orleans ...after clinching the GOP nomination.

However, if the GOP goes forward with their convention, maybe John McCain can show his sensitivity by jumping on a plane and heading for New Orleans immediately after giving his acceptance speech.

How cool would that be?

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