Monday, August 25, 2008

Turn over a rock and look what crawls out

Members of a group called "Just say No Deal" - women who allegedly supported Hillary Clinton but now support McCain - try to take over the Chris Matthews show today in Denver.

But listen closely as they give some telling clues as to who they really are.

The first woman says they "didn't like how the democratic process played out," so they've formed a group called "Clintons 4 McCain." Let's see; we had a primary and Hillary finished second behind Obama and we're not happy. Maybe we should do two out of three.

And watch as the right-wing nut of the day, Cristi Adkins, tries to trot out the old lie of Barack Obama attending a madrasa in Indonesia. She's got a 17 page report don't ya know.

Matthews to his credit presses her for proof and she keeps changing her story: "We didn't say he was a Muslim, we said he registered as a Muslim!"

She wants us to believe that she's a Clinton supporter but

listen to her as she talks to Sean Hannity back on June 10 and rails against Hollywood and the "left-wing news nut media." Sure sounds like a Hillary supporter to me.


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