Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Legal briefs from Louisiana

On Friday, a new law will take effect in Louisiana, making cockfighting illegal. Louisiana is the last state in the Union to allow the blood sport.

However I'm here to report that you can still buy frozen daiquiris at drive-thru windows throughout the state.

They sell them in Styrofoam cups with lids which are considered closed containers. It's legal just as long as you don't poke a straw through the lid.

Apparently hard drinking Louisianans - and the Louisiana legislature - don't consider frou-frou girlie drinks like daiquiris hard liquor!

Hey, this is the state that once elected Huey Long governor and where 10-pound rats inhabit the swamps - which some Louisianans consider good eatin'!

They also have a saying in Louisiana that half the state is underwater and the other half is under indictment. Any questions? Florida looks downright civilized by comparison.

So while Louisiana's laissez-faire attitude on humans consuming alcohol behind the wheel continues unabated, the state's poultry will be living out the rest of their days safely as pacifists.

I'll drink to that!

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