Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another 'Miami Herald going out of business' story

Kyle Munzenrieder over at Riptide 2.0, the daily blog run by the award winning Miami New Times, links to a story in USA Today that says Miami is on a short list of cities in danger of losing its last daily newspaper.

The really depressing part of the USA Today story are the number of readers who comment and say they don't get their news from newspapers, "Who buys newspapers anymore? I can read any paper from anywhere in the world online..." This genius ignores the fact that he's still getting his news from a newspaper!

(One has to wonder how all of this talk is affecting morale at the Herald.)

However, not everyone is talking gloom and doom.

Alan Mutter, who runs a blog called Newsosaur, discounts some of the doomsday talk.

That should cheer up the folks at the Herald. For a few weeks at least.

Sometime next month, the circulation reports for U.S. newspapers will be released and barring a divine miracle, the Herald will probably show another circulation decline.

And today the Herald's Leonard Pitts responded to a survey that found that quite a few Americans say they wouldn't miss their daily paper if it folded.

And so it goes.

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