Thursday, March 19, 2009

Herald circulation dips below 200,000

Some 11 months ago, I posted an item on this blog about the Herald's declining circulation.

At the time I wrote, "The inescapable truth is that if the Herald continues to lose 10% of its circulation every six months then how long will it be before their circ dips below 200,000?"

(In 1963 Dade County had a population of about 1,050,000. The Herald's daily circulation was about 330,000.

(In 1999 the New York Times reported "The Herald's daily circulation peaked at 442,560 copies in 1985. Last year, [1998] The Herald's circulation was 341,212, and El Neuvo's circulation was 79,738. Since about half of El Nuevo's copies are delivered in tandem with The Herald, the Miami Herald Publishing Company's two newspapers had a combined daily circulation of about 381,000 last year."

("While circulation nationwide slid about 10.5 percent between 1985 and 1998, the Herald newspapers' circulation fell by about 13.8 percent.")

In this morning's story on the shake-up at el Nuevo Herald, writer Andres Viglucci drops this bombshell:

"Its [el Nuevo Herald] circulation has been holding relatively steady as The Miami Herald's -- now at around 190,000 daily and 275,000 Sunday -- has plunged."
The official Audit Bureau of Circulations report will be released sometime next month.

But for the Herald, the writing is already on the wall.

UPDATE: Bob Norman of Broward New Times has more here on today's shake-up at el Nuevo along with an interesting memo from Anders Gyllenhaal.

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  1. Excellent look at the declining numbers. I have to believe by summer it will go online or close entirely. At the same time publications like the South Florida Business Journal are up!


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