Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coming to Riptide 2.0...Chuck Strouse demonstrates how to shoot milk from your nose!

Hey Chuck, check out these knockers!

I used to love Miami New Times.

When I lived in Coconut Grove I knew where the paper was delivered on Wednesday and usually snagged a copy by early afternoon.

Since editor Jim Mullin's departure a few years ago, the paper has taken a turn for the worse.

Just about all of the good writers have left and the paper itself is an anemic, slimmed-down version of what it was years ago.

But there is the website. On good days you can find interesting things not found elsewhere in the Miami media jungle.

And then there are days like today that make you wonder why anyone even bothers to show up for work.

But first let's take a look at current New Times editor Chuck Strouse.

For many years Chuck was with the Herald where he covered crime, politics and county government.

Back then he was known as "Charles Strouse."

In Dec. 1994, Charles helped write one of the evergreens of the daily newspaper world: How to find a babysitter on New Year's Eve.

In short, Chuck has done it all. He's forgotten more about journalism than I'll ever know.

Which makes this morning's post by Chuck on Riptide all the more puzzling.

Is there anyone over the age of 12 who thinks there's anything amusing or interesting about a topless store mannequin. Apparently Chuck does.

Hey Chuck, here a newsflash for you. If you walk about 1,000 feet east from Lincoln Road, you'll find lots of living and breathing topless women! Take all the pictures you want and post 'em on Riptide!

Chuck also thinks that graffiti is cool.

One writer commented recently on a local blog that he wasn't worried about the Herald's troubles. He wrote he was sure that New Times would step in to fill the void.

Let hope not. Chuck's star appears to be fading faster than the Herald's.


  1. Despite not living in the area, has your love of Jim Mullins sought you to seek out The Biscayne Times?

  2. New Times is hit or miss with me. Sometimes they do something worth mentioning, other times it's great packing material or birdcage liner.

    And I will agree that the internet side has made enormous strides in the past year or so, and not just because Mr. Duran interviewed me once. Though that alone should quadruple your traffic (sarcasm).

    If anything, it should be an indicator that it's time to retire the Heidelbergs and devote the savings to really bringing the web presence of the New Times to a world-class standard. The content is decent, but the design and presentation leave so much to be desired. I for one can't stand the way photos are presented. Check out Boston.com's 'Big Picture' for the best way to do it.


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