Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today's Fidel Castro Fun Fact

Fidel Castro has outlasted 10 American presidents.

And now you can add the Sun-Sentinel Havana bureau to the list of other things that the Cuban dictator has outlived.

Ray Sanchez of the Sun-Sentinel, "the only U.S. [newspaper] reporter based in Havana," is leaving and the bureau is being closed.

The closing of the bureau may only be symbolic.

The Associated Press, which provides news to just about every American newspaper, still has a bureau in Havana.

And many large newspapers including the Miami Herald and New York Times still send reporters to Cuba periodically.

But frankly, there's really just one story left to report from Havana.

And after that we can bring all the reporters home.

Until then we can only wonder whether or not Miami will still have a newspaper when it comes time to report Castro's death.


  1. How's the closing of the bureau only symbolic?

    And there are plenty more stories to report from Havana than Castro's death. In fact, that may be the least interesting story. The story will be what happens to the country after he dies.

  2. Of course there will be many interesting angles of the story to report after the death of Castro.

    But until then....and as someone who's lived here since 1958...I've heard just about about every angle of every story ad nausem from Cuba.


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