Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Father Cutié speaks

Not being Catholic, my first reaction to the Father Alberto Cutié story was to ask one Catholic friend why the archdiocese would want to remove Cutié from his post for a dalliance with a woman when the same church merely covered up hundreds of cases of priests molesting children.

He couldn't give me coherent answer.

Ironically just a couple of weeks ago Cutié gave an
interview to the Washington Post where he spoke of preaching in South Beach:
How do you preach in South Beach, the land of night life and clubs and beautiful people?

I have a theme I came up with the day that I was assigned there four years ago: When you come to the beach, don't forget who made it. People come to the beach for all kinds of things: night life, partying, dancing, sex, vacations, to have fun. Probably the last thing on people's minds is that they would come for spirituality, but my little church is a spiritual oasis in the middle of the noise of South Beach. I really believe that you find God in the most unique places.

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