Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who's in charge at the Herald?

On some days it occurs to me that people in charge at the Herald are just going through the motions.

Over the weekend executive editor Anders Gyllenhaal gave readers another one of his pep talks.

In his column he reveals,
"New readership numbers that came in last week from Scarborough Research delivered some very good news: The Herald and El Nuevo Herald are gaining readers on almost every front.

The biggest increases are on the websites, which together draw more than 6 million unique visitors a month, according to Omniture data. If you look simply at the local reach, online readers are up 17% for The Herald and 35% for El Nuevo, the new Scarborough numbers* show. Herald print edition readers are down slightly daily (4%) and up a little Sunday (2%); El Nuevo is up daily (17%) and Sunday (7%)."
Gyllenhaal actually wants readers to believe that Sunday print readership is suddenly climbing despite a recent report that shows that the Herald's daily and Sunday circulation has fallen to a record low and shows no signs of a reversal.

And then there's this: Today while browsing the Herald's site I came across this page.

The page explains the benefits of subscribing to the Herald along with a colorful graph pointing out the various sections of the paper.

Click to enlarge

Notice that on Friday you get LIFE magazine as part of your Miami Herald sbscription.

One small problem.

The LIFE magazine newspaper supplement ceased publication over two years ago!

Which leaves readers with this question that Gyllenhaal didn't bother to address in his Sunday pep talk: "Is anyone in charge at the Herald and if there is do they care?"

It doesn't look like it.

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