Thursday, May 07, 2009

What will you read when the Herald folds?

In a post on Yahoo Finance today, Tim Melvin ponders the future of some newspapers.

Melvin writes of The Miami Herald's parent company McClatchy: "It appears McClatchy is hanging on by a thread right now."

But Herald publisher David Landsberg says "the Herald is here to stay."

Herald executive editor Anders Gyllenhaal says "The Miami Herald is not going anywhere."

Which leaves me wondering: Will the dead tree version of the Herald be around 6 months from now?


A year from now?


Two years from now?

Not likely.

Three years from now?

Definitely not.

Certainly not if the paper's circulation continues its present downward spiral. The Herald's circulation has declined by 50,000 copies in the past year.

I still see the Herald existing with an online only presence and with a greatly reduced staff.

And there will be lots of resource sharing with the other two South Florida dailies.

So what will you read when the Herald folds?


  1. I'll keep reading what I read now- The Huffington Post, CNN, Google News, and for the local stuff I'll stick to my local blogs like you guys, Eye on Miami, etc, and CBS4.

  2. The Miami News?

    Oh hail, we still need real reporting.


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