Thursday, May 21, 2009

The soldier in pink underwear

David Guttenfelder / Associated Press photo

I did a stint in the Army including a year in Viet Nam.

During the year I was there, my mother religiously scanned all of the news pictures in the Herald hoping she might spot a grainy wire photo of me single-handledly capturing a platoon of Viet Cong.

When she saw a photo that mentioned a place I might be, she clipped out the photo and mailed it to me with the query: "Are you here?"

Unfortunately Mom never saw any pictures of me in the Herald.

Sheree Boyd of Fort Worth TX had a little more luck finding a picture of her son in the paper. He's Army Specialist Zachary Boyd and who's serving in Afghanistan.

The other day a picture of Zach ended up in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram and on the front page of the New York Times.

She was probably happy that Zach followed the advice that all mothers give their kids: "Always wear clean underwear."

To find out why, click here.

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