Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Dear Lindsay...

...sorry about your recent troubles.

I happened to learn of your plight while searching the cable channels yesterday for real news. Speaking of real news; did you know that there were a record number of military deaths in Afghanistan last month? And that 61 Americans were included in that number?

But it's not like you couldn't see this coming. Your life has been spiraling out of control for some time now.

And one commentator today said that your behavior in court was that of a "petulant, spoiled brat." I'm afraid I agree.

By the way, was it really necessary to Tweet the judge with your middle finger? I wouldn't be surprised if she hits you with another 30 days for contempt!

But who can blame America for tuning in to watch your meltdown? Your life has reached the train wreck stage and we just can't bring ourselves to look away.

And everyone agrees you have an addiction problem; but no one ever talks about the American public's addiction to celebrities who are addicted. Chalk it up to schadenfreude. (You'll have to look that up.)

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about doing the full 90 days. The talking heads are saying that because of jail overcrowding you'll probably do 3 weeks, tops.

And then it's off to rehab. So let's hope that yesterday was a wake-up call and that you'll finally get your life in order.

However, here at Random Pixels, we always set our expectations low.

That way we're rarely disappointed.

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