Friday, July 23, 2010

Miami Herald to readers: "Let them eat cake"

A couple of belated reactions showed up in my inbox today regarding my post on the Herald's fixation with all things LeBron.

First, someone sent me a link to a reader letter in Thursday's Herald.

Herald reader Barbara Byrne weighed in on Wednesday's front page story on South Florida Realtors' frenzy to sell high-priced homes to new Heat players.
The Miami Herald should be ashamed of its July 21 front page. Thousands of South Floridians are unemployed and/or facing foreclosure. But the newspaper displays a color photo of a luxury mansion and an article on the four multimillionaire athletes looking for a place to live. How cruel and insensitive. How out of touch with your readers.


    I also received an email from a long-time South Florida editor who had a different take on the same story:
    SUBJECT: Wanted: Copy editor with working knowledge of English language‏

    Bill: I got so busy I forgot to send this to you. Maybe you also caught it. Ugh.......

    That leaves hope for a number of listing agents looking to cash in on James' home purchase, likely to be the most extravagant of the Heat's buyers. Selling the superstar a mega-mansion would net the lucky Realtor a hefty commission as well as the résumé-boosting caché that comes with such a high-profile deal.
    The writer used the word caché instead of cachet, a mistake that should have been caught by a copy editor.

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