Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Marc Sarnoff: World's Worst Person!

Miami city commissioner Marc Sarnoff is shamed on national TV. Congratulations Marc!

From Keith Olbermann's Countdown on MSNBC, July 11, 2010: Runner up, Chairman Marc Sarnoff of the Miami Downtown Development Authority, which has approved and has now asked the Miami City Commission to approve a new ordinance.

It would prohibit, with a fine of $300, unauthorized people and groups from giving food to the homeless.

You heard me, you got a sandwich and you eat half and you want to give the other half to a homeless person, you can be fined.

You want it throw it away while he watches, you`re fine.

Now Mr. Sarnoff assures us that this is meant for groups trying to feed many homeless people at once, except the proposal doesn`t say that. You can take a course in feeding the homeless, which is designed to teach you how to make sure the food is safe to eat and how to clean up the, quote, mess afterward.

OK, here`s a question: the Miami Downtown Development Authority, which apparently believes "Les Miserables" was some sort of instruction manual, can we feed them to the homeless?


  1. Mr Sarnoff is going to Jail i said it 1st he's a crooook and i have proof ( CAN YOU SAY SUNSHINE)

  2. Someone famous once said: "The poor will always be with you". Unfortunately for Mr. Sarnoff, there was no mention of him.


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