Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Random Pixels Exclusive! Apple to announce iPhone 4 fix

Like many, I've never understood why some people will go to any length to be first to own the latest gadget. I'll never be accused of belonging to that group. Just a few months ago I upgraded to a cell phone that also has a camera. "How long have they been making these?," I asked the clerk at T-Mobile.

But now, all of those people who were first in line to get the new iPhone 4 a few weeks ago, have now learned it's sometimes better to wait.

But not to worry. Apple has scheduled a press conference for Friday.
Apple Inc. announced it will hold a press conference Friday at 10 a.m. at its Cupertino, Calif. headquarters.

Reason for the gathering: the iPhone 4.

The company sent out a note to reporters Wednesday but declined to comment further on why the meeting is being held or what it will say regarding its newest iPhone.
Some users have been complaining that the phone loses signal bars or drops calls when held a certain way.

Apple has denied accusations of a design flaw in the antenna, instead blaming the issue on an incorrect display of the signal bars. It issued a beta version of a software update Wednesday.

But Consumer Reports said its own tests found a problem with the antenna, and on Wednesday it issued another recommendation that putting a rubber casing, or "bumper," on the device seems to clear up the problem and suggested Apple offer it to its customers at no additional cost.
Random Pixels has learned exclusively that Apple will announce Friday that they have indeed come up with a fix for the phone. Scroll down to see what everyone else will learn tomorrow.

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  1. Nice pic. I can't stop laughing when I saw the picture of the iphone with external antennas like the antennas of the TV.


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