Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gay Vietnam vet looks Romney in the eye: ‘You can’t trust him’

Mitt Romney talks to Vietnam War veteran Bob Garon during a campaign stop at Chez Vachon Restaurant in Manchester N.H. Garon, who is gay, asked Romney his views on legalizing same-sex marriage. (BRIAN SNYDER-REUTERS)

The short video, below, pretty much tells me all I need to know about Mitt Romney.

Never mind Romney's oily, patronizing and condescending attitude towards the Vietnam vet; how ironic is that Romney - someone who went out of his way to avoid any kind of military service during Vietnam - can look a veteran in the eye and tell him that if he's elected president he'll oppose the vet receiving full rights that he fought for?

A commenter on YouTube sums up the video:
This is absolutely beautiful. Romney assumes that the old guy in the flannel shirt and the Vietnam veteran hat is a conservative and therefore safe. The beauty is in the way the gentleman structures the question so that Romney thinks it's a softball and he jumps into the anti-gay talking points with both feet. Awesome.

The absolutely best part is the staffer's lame attempt to extract Romney before he can do any more damage. Beautiful.

And, from the Washington Post:
[A]sked to assess Romney’s chances for the nomination, Garon said: “I did a little research on Mitt Romney and, by golly, you reporters are right. The guy ain’t going to make it.”

Why not?

“Because you can’t trust him,” Garon said. “I just saw it in his eyes. I judge a man by his eyes.”

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