Friday, December 02, 2011

The Random Pixels Losers Corner welcomes...

Demetrius Christophe Vidale

...Demetrius Christophe Vidale

Consider for a moment, the plight of young Vidale.

At 19, the 5-foot, 7-inch tall, potty-mouthed Broward County punk is trying mightily to establish his gangsta creds.

But it's a little hard to convince your peeps that you're a hard-core thug when you're caught on video riding around on public transportation, spewing bad rap lyrics, all while wearing a red jogging suit topped off with a matching Santa hat.

It's enough to push anyone over the edge.

Perhaps that explains why, when he was "kicked off a county bus for rapping/yelling with a healthy dose of profanity on November 18 ... Vidale threw a rock at the windshield of the bus, shattering it." Anger management, it appears, is not a good fit with a gangsta lifestyle.

This afternoon Vidale is sitting in the Broward County jail.

Last night, the aspiring thug's reputation took another hit when he was turned in to authorities in by his mama!

Welcome to the Random Pixels Losers Corner, Demetrius!

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  1. This little shit with gold teeth. Throw him in a North Korean bootcamp.


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