Monday, December 12, 2011

Who's in charge at the Miami Herald?

Another in a continuing series that tries to answer the question, "does anyone at Miami's once-great daily newspaper, actually edit or read anything that's posted on"

Below is a screen shot of a story that was posted on the paper's website Sunday night at 9:34pm.

A casual glance reveals at least three screw-ups.

The most obvious mistake is the misspelling of "Coppertone," in the very first sentence.

There's also an improper use of an apostrophe in the second sentence: "...and that fact has put it’s fate in doubt various times..."

In the third paragraph, the writer drops a "c" from the company name Merck, turning it into "Merk."

Eighteen hours following the story's posting, the errors remain uncorrected.

Click to enlarge.

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