Friday, December 30, 2011

Miami Herald stumbles on Miami Beach police-involved shooting story [UPDATED]

UPDATED x1: Herald reporter Adam Beasley has since Tweeted several times clarifying his original Tweet - here and here and here - along with an apology.

Today, the Miami Herald, in a rush to report the early morning police-involved shooting on Miami Beach, got a key detail or two wrong.

Let's check the Tweets.

Now comes Herald reporter Adam Beasley who compounded the mistake with some unfounded speculation. Turns out he was 100% wrong. But, it wasn't long before the erroneous information was spreading throughout the Twitter-sphere.

The Opium Group's publicist Vanessa Menkes jumped and schooled the Herald and Beasley on Journalism 101 and Miami Beach geography.

Luckily, the Herald's veteran Miami Beach reporter, David Smiley was close by. He stepped in just in time to separate the warring parties.

Note to Adam Beasley: To paraphrase Ronald Reagan: "Report but verify."

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