Tuesday, October 02, 2012

After watching Marc Caputo question Sen. Marco Rubio, I'm convinced Rubio is guilty of something

Marc Caputo
Last year, I offered this free advice to Florida politicians:
If you're under criminal investigation and a reporter confronts you with a video camera...for God's sake, don't run.

Especially if that reporter is the Miami Herald's Marc Caputo. Running away while you're being filmed by Caputo just makes you look twice as guilty.
Today, I'd like to amend that advice to include politicians who happen to be close friends of politicians under criminal investigation.

Watch what happened yesterday when Caputo showed up at the Versailles Restaurant with a video camera and tried to interview Marco Rubio about the ongoing criminal investigation of his buddy, Rep. Ravid Rivera.

Caputo wrote in a blog post:
Sen. Marco Rubio preferred to get rained on Monday than answer questions about a criminal investigation into his long-time friend and ally, Congressman David Rivera.

In that short 90 second clip, Caputo manages to put Rubio on the defensive and one gets the impression that Rubio is the one under investigation, and not Rivera.

But, with a friend like David Rivera, who can blame Rubio for getting nervous and defensive when someone shoves a camera in his face?

Rubio now joins a small, but exclusive club of politicians who have been "interrogated" by Caputo and lived to tell the tale.

Here are two more Caputo Classics:

Nov., 2011: Caputo asks Herman Cain about the Cuban refugee "wet-foot, dry-foot policy."

Aug., 2009: Caputo grills Denis Morales, who as Chief of Staff to Miami-Dade mayor Carlos Alvarez, was making more than the governor of Florida.


  1. I think Rubio handled that pretty well. He didn't run. None of the question had anything to do with him, they were all about Rivera and other people. Where was the running?

    1. "Where was the running?"

      Are you serious? Did you even watch the video?

      Stick with it until the end and watch where Rubio bolts and runs out into a driving rain to getaway from Caputo.


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