Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Random Pixels Losers Corner welcomes...

Louis Dominic Paolino III.
(BSO booking photo, May 8, 2013.)

....Louis Dominic Paolino.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of crimes are committed in South Florida every day.

Most are committed by people who, while not particularly smart, at least take some precautions to conceal their identity.

But it takes a special kind of idiot to commit three felonies in front of a professional TV cameraman who's rolling tape.

That's what Louis Paolino did last night and that's why he's been arrested and booked into the Broward County Jail this afternoon, charged with those three felonies.

And even though Paolino is facing some serious charges, for some unknown reason, Ft. Lauderdale Police left his home last night without arresting him. Instead they allowed him to surrender today.

But worse than all that, Paolino now has to suffer shame and humiliation that goes along with being the newest inductee into the Random Pixels Losers Corner.

Watch below as Paolino goes all Norman Bates on some of Local 10's lighting gear, all while reporter Ross Palombo prepares to go live Tuesday night in front of Paolino's multimillion dollar home at 2626 Delmar Lane in Ft. Lauderdale.


  1. Don't drink Louis...go to meetings.

  2. The man is the off spring of another idiot.


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