Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Miami Beach Police have a message for Urban Beach revelers: 'Leave your guns at home.'

Miami Beach Police have also instituted a strict dress code for this
year's Urban Beach Week festivities.

"We are asking everyone not to bring any weapons even if they have a [concealed carry permit], it would be best to allow the Police to do the enforcement and keep the peace. " -Miami Beach Police Capt. Enrique Doce


If you're planning on heading over to Miami Beach this weekend for the Urban Beach festivities and you're not sure what to expect, Miami Beach police spokesman Sgt. Bobby Hernandez sums it very nicely: "It will be a carbon copy of last year."

For starters, there will be a massive police presence all weekend on the Beach with officers from sixteen separate Miami-Dade police agencies assisting Miami Beach police in keeping order.

Add to that a "traffic plan" that begins at 7am Friday morning and that remains in effect until 7am Tuesday morning, and you've got all the makings of a fun weekend. Especially if you love sitting in traffic for hours.

But wait! It gets better!

Police are inviting everyone to a special "meet and greet" that starts this Friday night at 7pm on the MacArthur Causeway at Watson Island. To get you in the right mood, my advice is to have three or four drinks before you get there.

On a serious note, Hernandez is 100% correct. Miami Beach Police don't plan on deviating from last year's successful strategy which includes license readers stationed throughout the city, saturation DUI patrols, and strict enforcement of anti-noise and open container ordinances.

Miami Beach Police Captain Enrique Doce offers this additional advice:
No bottles, cans, glass, Styrofoam containers on the beach, no alcohol, no littering, no drinking in public. Anyone with an open liquor bottle/can, will be asked to pour it out and throw the container away. Narcotics violations will be dealt with and state laws will be enforced as well. The traffic laws should be followed so drivers even on scooters need to follow all traffic laws. Do not block the box, no driving scooters between cars, no parking scooters on sidewalks and please keep your car stereos to a reasonable level.
Any questions?

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