Monday, May 13, 2013

North Miami mayoral candidate Anna Pierre claims she's been endorsed by Jesus Christ! [UPDATED x1]

UPDATED at 6:30pm: The Miami Herald reports that "Pierre said Jesus came to her in a dream."
“I had a revelation when I was going to give up on this race. I had a dream, I know what I saw,” she said. “A figure I can’t explain told me, ‘Don’t be afraid, I am your friend. I am walking with you side by side. You are not alone.’ I felt it was from heaven. It was an endorsement by Jesus.”

North Miami mayoral candidate Anna Pierre claims that Jesus Christ is backing her candidacy.

A flyer Pierre posted on her campaign's Facebook page says, "Anna Pierre, RN is endorsed by Jesus Christ."

Last month, Pierre told the Miami Herald that she believed unknown persons were trying to intimidate her with "Vodou."
A North Miami mayoral candidate has asked for prayers from three different countries because, she said, someone is trying to use sinister sorcery and threatening phone calls to get her out of the race.

Anna Pierre, one of eight candidates running for mayor, said unknown persons left chicken feathers, food scraps and candles at her office doorstep over the past three months. She believes the items are tied to mystical rituals in the Haitian Vodou religion.

“I found little dolls with needles in it. They put a lot of pennies at front of my office door,” she said. “I’m from Haiti I know what it is.”
“I have people in Haiti, Canada, and the U.S. praying for me,” she said. “I have Jesus with me.”

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  1. I'd like to see the signed endorsement card!


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