Monday, May 20, 2013

The way we were...The McDuffie Riots and the aftermath

From the Miami News, 33 years ago today: Miami cleans up after a weekend of deadly rioting - the deadliest in the city's history -  following the acquittal of five Metro police officers who were standing trial in Tampa, charged with the beating death of black motorcyclist Arthur McDuffie.

The toll: 18 dead, scores injured, hundreds arrested and $100 million in damage. 

Miami News cartoon by Don Wright, May 20, 1980.

May 20, 1980.

Miami News, May 20, 1980.
(Click here to enlarge.)


Video below from WTVJ, May 17, 1980. (Starts at 1:55)


  1. Scrolling through that broadcast, two thoughts dominate:

    - Note the absolutely superior quality of the writing and delivery, and the journalistic excellence of the reporting, and then ask yourself: Could any local TV station in any U.S. city match that today?

    - Mayer certainly had a lot of hair, back then. :)

    1. Agree 100% about the superior quality of the journalistic excellence then. They don't talk in that odd poetic rime either like newscasters do today. Note: no commercial breaks that take up more time than the actual news delivered.


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