Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Miami Beach mayor says Detective Philippe Archer is being investigated by FBI's public corruption task force [UPDATED x1]

UPDATED Sept. 5, 2013 at 2:40pm: The Miami Herald reports that Archer "has been relieved of duty with pay while he is investigated by his own department and the FBI, the police department said Thursday in a press release."  Click here for full story. 


Yesterday, Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower told Local 10 reporter Roger Lohse that Miami Beach Police detective Philippe Archer was under investigation by the FBI's Public Corruption Task Force.

Archer, of course, is the Miami Beach cop with major aggression control issues who can't seem to make an arrest without first beating the arrestee to a bloody pulp.

Lohse interviewed attorney Joseph Goodman who represented Guy Moulin, a French tourist who, in 2012, "sued the cities of Miami Beach and Hialeah and four police officers [including Archer], alleging false arrest, battery and civil rights violations."

Lohse reports that Miami Beach "paid Moulin $60,000 in a settlement in June."

But Archer isn't off the hook just yet. He's still working the streets despite his record of brutality.

So, as a public service, Random Pixels has worked up a wanted poster that hopefully, will prompt any citizens with additional information on Archer's lawbreaking to contact the FBI with that information.

The FBI needs help in doing what Miami Beach Police Chief Ray Martinez can't seem to do...and that is take Phil Archer off the streets of Miami Beach for good.

Click here to enlarge poster.


  1. Editor:

    I don't agree with the way you report or investigate news. I understand the need to investigate the allegations against this detective, however it seems that you have decided he is guilty before all of the facts are in. That the city has settled a civil case where this detective was involved is not necessarily an indication of guilt or misbehavior, but may simply be a case of an economic decision by the city to cut their losses as defending and winning may cost much more. That some officers or detectives have higher rates of complaints may indicate problems but may also be an indication of the type of assignment they have, how dedicated they are to dealing with street crime, how many arrests they make and how long they are on the street. An honest cop who has close to 20 years on the street who engages with gang members, street thugs, drunks, dopers and is still motivated to take action will get lots of complaints. have you reviewed his personnel file? His evaluations, commendations, letters of thank you from the public? Have you reviewed his complaint records, spoken to previous complainants? Have you reviewed the court files in the civil cases? This detective may be the problem that you describe. But you don't seem to have done your homework yet.

    And, as an aside, will you be doing any coverage on the off duty Miami Beach Police Officer who pulled someone from a burning car?

    Please see:

    1. Thank you. On Monday I will attempt to take a look at his personnel file.

  2. I hope that every police officer where that professional and good as Philipe Archer!!! he is not afraid to stop the crime in a very difficult and dangerous area like Miami Beach!! but many interests are involve in this case and unfortunately when people put their eyes in one single person everybody will start to attack him. That is is Archer's case who in real life is a HERO!!! who is always helping the community not only in his area of work wherever he goes he is available to help any person in need as a police as a human being, this is Philipe Archer, the rest is a big lie. If the FBI want to spend time looking for bad police officers don't waiste it in Archer because he is a good, important and neccesary worker in the police department who has to thank for all the sacrifice and his risks that he takes every day even that he has family who wait for him, that is Archer a HERO!!!
    Miami and the major and this country should thank him for a hard worker who even is not getting pay or in working hours is always helping community so go to investigate the reality and the truth.
    He is a Gentleman who has a deep respect for women children his family and any person in need, he is the kind of police many guys who says are police should be!!!! so learn please. sadly jealously envy exist to take away people like him, everybody did wrong mistakes the major the president everybody so don't judge somebody who want to stop CRIMINALS!!!!!!
    FBI should spend the time in those police officer who don't care if they see a person in need who abuse in really bad ways corrupted guys those are the ones please more respect for a real worker and we cant trust in media News are the worst to make an angel look the most evil person just to make money and is exactly what they really care but Philipe Archer cares is about work hard and do his job. So CNN etc. and all this "amarillismo" Go to make money with other victim not with a good person. Thank you. An thank u Mr. Archer to protect us when we need it you know what u did for us and God knows too. God bless you.
    To post this I choose anonymous because not to many options but I am totally available to say who I am. because Philipe Archer need the support to tell who is him I'm there in the same way he have been protecting me and my community!!! He is the kind of police who turn back to work if any bony neeed him even after hours without pay, he will stop his car even if he is ready to go home if he see anybody who need him ...... Thank you!!!

  3. i can say ive been stopped many times by shadow and he is always harassing people for no reason at all. with no crimes being commited !!! its about time someone stood up and said something. proof dont lie its right there. hes never pulled out a badge everytime i got stopped.


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