Monday, September 30, 2013

Veteran newsman put out of action by a cat

Gary Nelson.
In his 42 years as a TV and radio newsman - 25 of those in Miami - CBS4's Gary Nelson has had to deal with hurricanes, angry cops armed with billy clubs and tear gas, and more than a few crooked politicians who weren't all that pleased at having a microphone shoved in their face.

But he's always survived those encounters with nary a scratch.

However, last month, Nelson finally met his match. A 15-pound cat managed to put him out of action.

Back on the night of Aug. 16, Nelson's cat, Buckles - one of three indoor cats Nelson owns - managed to get out of the house.

Nelson went out to retrieve him, and that's when things went horribly wrong.

As he reached down to pick up the wayward feline, Buckles let Nelson know he wasn't quite ready to go back inside by "planting a nasty fang" on his hand.

The next day, Nelson decided to go to an urgent care center after his hand became grotesquely swollen.

Buckles the Cat.

In the six weeks since being bitten, Nelson has undergone three surgeries, two hospital stays, 31 straight days on an antibiotic IV drip, and a toxic reaction to the antibiotics.

Today, Nelson told me by phone that at one point his hand was so infected he thought he was going to lose it.

But after six weeks of treatment and therapy, Nelson says he plans to return to work next week.

As for Buckles - who sidled up to Nelson in 2006 during a live shot outside a jail - the newsman reports that all is forgiven. "I've learned you don't try to bring a cat in the house until he's darned good and ready," says Nelson.

H/T: Gossip Extra.

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