Friday, September 20, 2013

The way we were...1963: Cocaine hits Miami's streets

Fifty years ago this week...Sept. 23, 1963:

Reporter of the Miami News

A powdery white drug that kicks like a kangaroo and then leaves its victims in black, raving moods of despair is pouring into Miami from Cuba and Central America ...

The stuff is cocaine.

Along Flagler Street the going price for a gram - "pomo" in exile jargon - is from $25 to $30.

Two grams, [narcotics] agents explain, can turn a rational man into a knife-wielding maniac.

Miami News, Sept. 23, 1963.
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(On April 15, 1962 the Miami News published a story theorizing that one of five Cubans arrested in Miami with a "record supply of cocaine may have been a Castro agent sent ... to spread addiction among local [Cuban] exiles...")

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