Wednesday, October 16, 2013

And now, from the paper that still doesn't have a full-time police reporter...

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....comes a story on page one of this morning's paper with the headline, "Armed bandits testing Haiti’s understaffed police forces."

This from a newspaper that hasn't had a full-time reporter covering South Florida cops and crime since David Ovalle was reassigned to cover courts a few years ago.

So, to trick readers into thinking the paper was still covering crime, the Herald instituted the practice of cutting and pasting crime stories from TV station websites.

But the paper's bosses always seem to be able to find the resources to cover crime on an island almost 700 miles from the paper's Doral headquarters. This despite the fact they can't seem to scrounge up a reporter to cover an important press conference at police headquarters that's a mere 4-minute drive from their building.

This from a newspaper that's losing paid subscribers at an unprecedented rate.  But, ask anyone in charge at the paper why they're losing thousands subscribers a month, and you'll probably be answered with a blank stare.

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