Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hey, Michael: It's not a good sign when a strip club owner says you can't be trusted

Miami Beach strip club owner Leroy Griffith thinks Michael Góngora is untrustworthy...and other fun facts!

Really? (See next photo.)

Actual caption from Michael Góngora's website: "Norman Braman 
enthusiastically endorsed Michael for Mayor because 
he believes in his vision for Miami Beach."

Cartoon by Don Wright.
Miami News, Nov. 11, 1983.

(Click to enlarge.)


Rafael Andrade, registered lobbyist for
Tremont Towing and Beach Towing,
with mayoral candidate Michael Góngora. 
Commissioners Deede Weithorn, Jorge Exposito, and Michael Góngora, who is now a candidate for mayor, voted with Wolfson to give the two [towing] companies their rate hike at the November 2012 meeting. "People are doing something bad," Góngora said. "This is essentially punishment for people parking in residential zones and parking where they shouldn't park." - Miami New Times, Aug. 8, 2013.


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