Friday, October 04, 2013

Fabi Watch

Here's a question for anyone at the Miami Herald who cares to answer: Why do managing editor Rick Hirsch, executive editor Mindy Marqués and metro editor Jay Ducassi continue to give Fabiola Santiago a platform to showcase her ignorance?

There's no shame in being dunce-like, recognizing that you are, and trying to change.

But it's an entirely different matter to proudly display your stupidity to the world and wear it like a badge of honor.

The Herald's Fabiola Santiago belongs in the second category.

Miami Herald, Wednesday, Oct. 2, page 1B:
Plea to stop the needless texting


I don’t text.

I don’t answer [texts].

I delete the texts without viewing them.
Because the constant ding! of a cell phone is the enemy of concentration — and I care about the health of my brain [and] the focus I put into my work...

Yes, she actually wrote the phrase: "the health of my brain."

And, yes; someone who calls herself a "journalist," proudly admits that she deletes text messages without reading them.

Fabiola's "work" - by the way - consists of writing two 600-word columns a week.

Columns that current and former Herald staffers have variously described as "incredibly superficial and sophomoric," or "thin, poorly reported and fraudulent."

I'm not sure I'll get answer to the question in the first paragraph of this post.

But, here's a direct question for Rick Hirsch, Mindy Marqués and Jay Ducassi: Aren't any of you the least bit embarrassed by Fabiola's columns? Are you folks the only people at the paper who don't know garbage when they see it? Or have you finally reached the point where you no longer give a sh*t?

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