Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Have you seen Aminda Marqués Gonzalez?
Neither have the people who work with her.

In May of 2011 - just six months after Aminda “Mindy”' Marqués Gonzalez was promoted to the position of executive editor at the Miami Herald, the St. Petersburg Times reported that the Herald's average daily circulation for the previous 12 months was 173,555.

Yesterday, we reported - based on data supplied by the Miami Herald - that the paper's average daily circulation for the previous 12 months, had slipped to a low of 98,649 copies.

That's a loss of close to 75,000 copies since Marqués Gonzalez has been in charge. The Sunday numbers are even more abysmal.

The circulation figures published yesterday by the Herald, confirm what many South Florida media watchers have known for quite a while: The Herald's circulation is tanking rapidly, with no signs of a reversal in sight.

In any other industry, the person in charge usually takes the blame for a company's poor performance. And, perhaps the big shots at the Herald's parent company, McClatchy would call Marqués Gonzalez in on the carpet to ask why the paper she runs is performing so poorly.

Yeah, they might do that...but first they'd have to find her.

According to my sources, at One Herald Plaza One Doral Plaza, Marqués Gonzalez is rarely around.

"She's a leader in name only," one frustrated staffer told me. "She's never here."

"This place is like the Exxon Valdez; there's no one at the helm," said another staffer.

With that in mind, Random Pixels is launching a campaign that will hopefully lead to the discovery of Marqués Gonzalez's hiding place and her eventual return to the paper.

Get busy, South Florida!

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  1. Don't just blame her, the newspaper is on the way downhill. Just check the articles (old) smaller and less pages.


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