Saturday, June 06, 2015

How bad is a roach in a slice of a kid's pizza? Probably not as bad as a steady diet of what passes for TV news these days.

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Local 10 "reporter" Jeff Weinsier is a perfect example of why you should limit your consumption of TV news.

A couple of nights ago, colleague Calvin Hughes breathlessly introduced one of Weinsier's "Dirty Dining" reports with these words: "....a Dirty Dining EXCLUSIVE...a disgusting discovery at an end of the year pizza party at a South Florida kindergarten class. A student discovered a topping that had legs! Local 10 investigator Jeff Weinsier is live now with the pictures and reaction you'll see only on Local 10!"

In his piece, Weinsier, Local 10's Chief Rat Shit Investigator, squandered three minutes of a 30 minute newscast talking about a bug in a slice of pizza.

Somehow, Weinsier got word that a roach had been found in some pizza that had been served to a student at the pizza party at Rainbow Park Elementary School in Opa-locka.

I can just imagine the excitement in Local 10's newsroom when one of teachers called in to say they'd found a roach in some Papa John's pizza.

"Get Weinsier on the phone and get him up to Opa-Locka, right away!" an editor probably shouted.

"Someone found a cockroach!" (Actually the bug in question looks more like an earwig than a roach.)

Weinsier reports the pizza party was immediately halted as soon as the "roach" was discovered.

He backs this up with an EXCLUSIVE interview with a four year-old student: "Did they tell you stop eating the pizza?" Weinsier asks the bewildered girl. "Yes," she replies, meekly.

Jeff Weinsier conducts an EXCLUSIVE interview 
with 4-year-old kindergarten student. 

His investigation complete at the school, Weinsier heads on over to the Papa Johns at NW 133rd Street and 27th Avenue.

The employees aren't in the mood to talk, but that doesn't stop the intrepid Weinsier from going outside and asking complete strangers for their reaction to something they knew nothing about five minutes before.

Confronting a woman in the parking lot who had overheard him inside the store, Weinsier asks, "You just ordered some pizza?"

"That's right, and I just got my money back, too," the woman says as Weinsier shows her the picture of the "roach" on his iPhone.

"That's a big roach!" she exclaims.

Moving in closer, Weinsier reminds her where the "roach" was found: "In a kindergarten class."

"A roach! In a kindergarten class!!"

"That's sad, that's really sad," replies the woman.

No, Jeff, what's really sad is the sight of you trolling for comments in restaurant parking lots.

What Weinsier never talked about in his report is that the school probably shouldn't have been serving the kids pizza in the first place.

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Pizza, it turns out, is one of the foods that contributes to childhood obesity.

And here's something else for you to chew on, Jeff: I'm pretty sure one "roach" in a slice of pizza never killed anyone.

As a matter of fact, there are plenty of places in the world where people eat insects all the time.

In 2013, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization released a report that noted "there are more than 1,900 edible insect species on Earth, hundreds of which are already part of the diet in many countries."
"In fact, some two billion people eat a wide variety of insects regularly, both cooked and raw; only in Western countries does the practice retain an 'ick' factor among the masses."

A final thought, Jeff: Over the years, those kids at the Opa-Locka school will probably suffer more harm from a steady diet of the swill that you and many of your colleagues pass off as TV "news" these days, than they will from ingesting a bug or two.

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