Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Random Pixels Losers Corner welcomes....

....Alberto Iber, principal of North Miami Senior High School.


UPDATE: Iber has been removed from his post as principal at North Miami Senior High. 


Iber lands in the Losers Corner, because, well, he's a loser!

I mean, what else would you call someone who, in 2015, still has no idea that everything posted on the Internet can be instantly seen by everyone?

From the Miami Herald:
The principal of North Miami Senior High School inadvertently injected himself into the racially charged national debate over police treatment of blacks with a social media comment — and apologized on Tuesday after hearing the backlash.

Cell phone footage from McKinney, Texas, caught white officer David Eric Casebolt throwing a black teenage girl to the ground, then briefly drawing his gun while responding to a call about an unruly pool party. The incident last week was just the latest in a string of encounters that have sparked charges of abusive police treatment of minorities.
North Miami Senior High Principal Alberto Iber — in a brief public post on a story on the Miami Herald’s web site — defended the officer’s response.

“He did nothing wrong,” Iber wrote in a comment that showed his Facebook picture, name, school and title. “He was afraid for his life. I commend him for his actions.”
Iber, who just finished his first year as the head of North Miami Senior, said he meant to write the comment anonymously.

“I regret that I posted the comment as it apparently became newsworthy and has apparently upset people,’’ he said. “That was not my intention in any way.”

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