Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Stephanie Kienzle doesn't like the New York Times bashing Marco Rubio

Stephanie Kienzle blogs about North Miami and North Miami Beach politics.

But yesterday, she left the reservation - without permission - and went off on the New York Times for its coverage last week of Sen. Marco Rubio's driving record, and then Monday's story on his finances.

"Gotta love the New York Times!" she wrote, "Last night this tweet went viral."

Continuing, she wrote: "This morning, the New York Times corrected its online story, but too little, too late. Screen shots are FOREVER!"

Problem is, Stephanie had it all wrong. The newspaper page in that tweet wasn't from the New York Times, it was from a newspaper called the East Oregonian.

But Stephanie is a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, right-wing, certifiable nut job who can't be bothered with trivial facts.

In her post, Stephanie went on to chastise the Times for the Rubio driving record story. No surprise there....just about everyone has.

But Stephanie takes it a step further, writing, "Not one mention by the New York Times about the undeniably looniest politician on either side of the aisle, Alan Grayson (who happens to be a Democrat), who caused a horrific car accident on March 12, 2012, when he ran a red light and drove his Mercedes into a bus on his way to a fundraiser. Two people were injured."

(More irony: Stephanie Kienzle called someone "loony.")

Hey, Steph, the Times probably hasn't mentioned Grayson's car crash, because, why should they?

Last time I checked, the Times doesn't report on every car crash that every politician is involved in. And besides, is Grayson running for president? I'm sure if he was, they'd do a story on it.

When I pointed out to Stephanie that she had her facts wrong when she attributed the front page error to the Times, her response was, "Of course you ignored the real story about how the MSM attacks Republicans but gives Dems a pass. Like you just did. SMH!"

Yes, Steph, it's all one huge mainstream media conspiracy to make Marco look bad. There, feel better now?

By the way, it was Kienzle who last year sent me an email questioning why I posted a video of Barack Obama taking a walk.

In her email, Kienzle reminded me that she wasn't a racist. It was his policies she didn't like. Umm, yeah.

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