Friday, September 04, 2009

Does God listen to Charlie Crist's prayers?

Aren't we lucky to have Charlie Crist as Florida's governor?

While other governors hike the Appalachian Trail, Charlie spends his spare time praying to God and asking Him to spare us from hurricanes.

A few weeks ago Charlie revealed that he's been "putting prayer notes into the famous Western Wall in Jerusalem, asking God to protect his state from hurricanes."
"Dear God, please protect our Florida from storms and other difficulties. Charlie."
It must be working; we haven't been hit so far!

But since he's also running for the Senate, he's apparently leaving nothing to chance and hedging all his bets.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that Charlie visited the National Hurricane Center today:
Tropical Storm Erika had fizzled and no potential disasters loomed in the Atlantic but Gov. Charlie Crist thought it a good time nonetheless to swing by the National Hurricane Center in Miami. The tropics have been calm so far but the peak of the hurricane season, Sept. 10, is still a week away, the governor said, and he wanted to remind residents to remain vigilant.

"We've very blessed to have this season so far,'' he said. "I think so far is the operative word."

The governor, who has announced that he will run for Senate next year, said that his brief visit with forecasters on Friday, covered by all four local television stations, wasn't a campaign ploy but part of his role to safeguard public health and welfare. It was vital, he said, to remind people about such things as preparing for hurricanes and washing their hands to prevent the spread of swine flu.

Funny, he didn't say anything about plastic sheeting and duct tape.

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