Monday, September 21, 2009

Lawsuit's contagious

A few weeks ago some folks at the Miami Herald thought it would be fun to threaten me with a lawsuit.

They wanted me to delete some Herald photos from my blog.

I declined.

But now Herald blogger Natalie McNeal - whose blog is called the "Frugalista Files" - has hired Chicago attorney Alexis Hart McDowell, Esq., to send cease and desist letters to bloggers who also call themselves "frugalistsas."

Seems that McNeal has trademarked the name "frugalista."

Must be something in the water at the Herald. Don't they have better things to do?

We're not sure what the merits of McNeal's claim are.

But we do like what Jose Duran at Miami New Times Riptide 2.0 blog had to say about it: "Somebody should serve her for being a boring blogger."


  1. Hey, if Pat Riley did it with "Threepeat!", why not?

  2. Hey, Natalie, the Sandinistas want a word with you....

  3. This is the first time I stumble upon your blog. FYI...Ms. McNeal owns a US Trademark Registration for "FRUGALISTA" for use in connection with "Online journals, namely, blogs featuring spending habits, saving tips, consumer information and deals, and other financial advice." She is claiming a date of first use of at least as early as January 31, 2008. Assuming the other bloggers began using the term after McNeal, they are going to have an uphill battle.


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