Sunday, September 20, 2009

A little piece of "Real Florida" not far from Miami

St. Petersburg Times staff writer Jeff Klinkenberg, who is inarguably one of Florida's best newspaper storytellers, returns to the Everglades of his youth with with a wonderful story in today's paper of brothers Marshall and Keith Jones.
"They are civilized wild men.

"Marshall is more civilized than wild and Keith is more wild than civilized."
The brothers run Mack's Fishing Camp in the Everglades just off US 27 near the Dade-Broward line.

Klink - as he's sometimes called - started his newspaper career at the old Miami News when he was 16.

He's been working for the St. Pete Times since 1977. His writing formula is simple: just tell interesting stories about the "real" people of Florida.

When Klink's not writing newspaper stories he's writing books about Florida.

His latest book, a collection of his favorite columns - Pilgrim in the Land of Alligators - is available now.

And if you liked the story of the Jones brothers, I'm told that Klink may be working on a story about another "real" Floridian who's a little closer to home....right here in Miami as a matter of fact.

Stay tuned.

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