Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Republican Joe Watkins: as dumb as they come

Look up 'simpleton' in the dictionary; there's probably a picture of Republican strategist Joe Watkins next to the definition.

When I heard Watkins on MSNBC today following the president's mid-day speech to school children, I thought I was hallucinating..
"Speaking with MSNBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman on Tuesday, Watkins insisted that President Barack Obama is too charismatic to give a speech to American students, arguing that parents should not have to “compete” with him for the 'hearts and minds' of their children."
“[Obama] is one of the most gifted speakers that the world has ever seen.”

“When he speaks, he speaks with tremendous authority and great conviction and with tremendous persuasion,” continued Watkins. “It’s one thing for him to talk to adults who have the ability to discern between right or wrong and whether they agree or disagree. The challenge becomes for parents when he talks to their kids without them present. The fact that he’s so persuasive, he’s campaigning almost for the hearts and minds of the kids.”
“Moms and dads are just concerned that kids are gonna come home and question them,” [Watkins] said. “They don’t want to compete with the president for the hearts and minds.”
NBC's Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd bitch slapped Watkins: "Joe, it sounds like you're worried the president's going to be too popular?"

Maybe if President Obama had delivered a message similar in tone to one former president Bush delivered (see video below) a few years ago, Watkins would have been happier.

Bush had a habit of often bragging about his mediocre grades throughout his presidency. But Republicans seem to have short memories when it comes to Dubya.

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  1. would say he,joe watkins is a self loather!!!!!!


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