Saturday, September 26, 2009

Miami's best street food

Robert Moehling, owner of Robert is Here fruit stand in Florida City

Only in Miami is great barbecue served up in the parking lot of a strip club and finding the best fruit stand requires a trip to the edge of the Everglades.

Gourmet magazine has compiled a short list of what it says are Miami's best street food vendors.

I'm posting it here because it looks like some thought actually went into its preparation.

It's a good list although the writer mistakenly says that the taco cart at NW 15th St & NW 27th Ave. is in Coral Gables.

And I'm not sure why the always overpriced and very mediocre David's Cafe on Meridian Ave. in Miami Beach was included.

But the rest of the list is worth a peek.

Two of Gourmet's spot-on recommendations include “Fat Man” Benjamin Nelson's barbecue truck in the parking lot of the Take One Cocktail Lounge on NE 79th St. "Absurdly tender ribs alongside fried chicken, grilled tilapia, and shrimp, with a rotating cast of sides including corn on the cob, seasonal vegetables, and zingy lemon cake."

And of course, all of us long-time South Floridians have always known about the Robert is Here fruit stand in Florida City. It's been in the same spot for almost 50 years but sometimes seems as though it was there even before the alligators.

Robert's is about 25 miles south of Kendall. But it's worth the trip.

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  1. I agree completely on Fat Man. He used to have a different location along 79th street. There is another spot too on 441 around 103th street.


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