Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dispatch from the front lines / South Beach

I am constantly amazed at all the hysteria from locals surrounding Memorial Day weekend here on South Beach. 

Today (Sunday) me and my friend Tamara from New Times ventured out to see the sights. Everyone was friendly and "tight" and enjoying the vibe.

Talk of getting out of town or hunkering down etc. is just nonsense in my opinion. It's just like a convention of bankers or accountants...only more "chill."

The reality is that the crowds -- noticeably smaller this year -- only congregate in one small geographic area of South Beach and the rest of the beach is just as navigable as any other weekend. One Miami Beach police sergeant said he did notice that eastbound traffic on the MacArthur was lighter than normal as he drove home at 11pm Saturday night.

Another police source reported everything was going smoothly with only "random acts of stupidity."

Best overheard pick up line of the day!

Enjoy the pics!

Lots of "eye candy"

Bikes were everywhere

Chrome and metal as far as the eye can see

Scene at Collins and 15th Street

Ocean Drive

On the way to a call...the guy in the back had the theme from "Cops" blaring from his car's loudspeaker!

the God Squad keeping the peace

Ocean Drive

Surveying the scene from the Victor

Kodak moment

Is this what they mean by "pimped out?"

This guy took a wrong turn I think...may have been on the way to Mardi Gras!

Spring fashion for the "thug" in your life

Visiting "the 305" from "the 404"

Scene at Armani Exchange...why do clothing stores need DJ's anyway??

Ocean Drive

Sign at Nicole Miller...probably not her customer base anyway.

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