Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pictures you won't soon forget!

Some of the year's best photography from all over the world.
PDN Photo Annual 2008.

caption for picture above:
Photographer: David Maitland
Title: Bush Meat
Description: In their preparation for the bush meat trade, monkeys are thrown onto open fires to burn off their fur prior to being sold at food markets throughout central West Africa. Despite being banned, the consumption of bush meat remains popular and presents a serious threat to both wildlife and humans‹the wildlife is threatened with extinction and humans run the risk of contracting deadly diseases like Ebola and HIV. This is a picture of the Gabon Black Colobus monkey. Food Market, Libraville, Gabon.

caption for picture above:

Photographer: Stephen Shore
Title: A Little Bit Country
Concept: Ocala, Florida's last great rural enclave.
Publication: T: The New York Times Style Magazine
Photo Editor: (Senior) Judith Puckett-Rinella
Art Director: (Creative) Janet Froelich, (Senior) David Sebbah, Chris Martinez
Designer: (Senior) Elizabeth Spiridakis

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