Monday, May 19, 2008

Newspapers...more bad news

A new round of buy-outs at the Washington Post has cleared "the newsroom of 100 more bodies."

"How does that affect me?" you say, "I read the Miami Herald."

Well, if a paper as important and influential as the Washington Post has to resort to such drastic measures to get costs in line, can the Herald be far behind?

The answer is you ain't seen nothing yet! I'm predicting more bad news for the Herald. Soon. The hard truth is that the Herald can ill afford to lose any more experienced people; they're running on fumes now.

And The Post is not alone. The New York Times is also in the midst of offering buyouts to key staffers.

The troubling thing about this round of buyouts is the fact that very experienced journalists are being shown the door.

Newspapers are in critical condition. I never went to medical school but I know that when a patient is on life support you don't cure the illness by ripping out the patient's heart.

Stay tuned.

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