Friday, November 19, 2010

Don't touch my junk!

That's the rallying cry at airports across the country. It's this year's version of "don't tase me bro."

You can't tune into a cable news channel without seeing a story on the "new enhanced pat downs."

If you're tired of the story, better not go anywhere near a TV set during Thanksgiving week.

The TSA justifies the new security measures because the "underwear bomber" was able to get a bomb on board a plane by hiding it in his skivvies last Christmas.

Let's hope that a terrorist doesn't figure out a way to stick a bomb up his butt or we're all in trouble.

Lewis Black offered some thoughts on airport security this week on The Daily Show.

"Wait a second. I get to go from New York to San Diego in 5 hours and someone touches my balls? That's a great deal!"

Funny stuff! Watch the video. But after you're done, check this out and suddenly it's not so funny.

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