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-a few photos from the Random Pixels archives taken on one of my favorite assignments.

That's Michael Smuclovsky in the photo above. He's listening to opera in the Miami Beach courthouse chambers of Judge Jeffrey Swartz in January, 2004.

How did he get in that predicament?

Tamara Lush of the St. Petersburg Times explains:
Michael Smuclovsky would have paid the fine, if he had the cash.

Smuclovsky, 20, was listening to rap in his Mustang on Collins Avenue when he was ticketed. He showed up in Swartz's courtroom in a white tank top, leather jacket and baggy jeans.

"What are you doing this afternoon?" Swartz asked with a grin.

"Planning on driving down to the Keys."

"No, no, no. I have something far more relaxing for you. Listening to one of my favorite operas."

Smuclovsky paused. He pushed up the sleeve of his jacket, revealing a tattoo that said "Me Against the World." He sneered.

"Are you serious?"

Smuclovsky is not an opera lover. But he's familiar with it. "I'm forced to listen to it in the car with my dad," he said later.

"But that's what earplugs are for."
Read the rest of Tamara's story here.

Michael Smuclovsky learns in Judge Judge Jeffrey 
Swartz's Miami Beach courtroom what his sentence 
will be for playing his car stereo too loud. (Jan. 2004)

Michael Smuclovsky and Michael Carreras listen to opera 
in the chambers of Judge Jeffrey Swartz as 
bailiff Alain Rodriguez keeps watch. (Jan. 2004)

Postscript: Later in 2004, Judge Swartz lost a bid to be re-elected to the bench.

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