Monday, November 15, 2010

From South Miami High School to the cover of the New York Times Magazine

Albert Gonzalez
The teachers lounge at South Miami High School must be buzzing today.

Yesterday, one of the school's alums was the focus of a New York Times Magazine cover story.

But it's a sure bet the cover of the magazine won't be displayed in one of those glass trophy cases in the hallway of the school.

The subject of the piece is 29 year-old South Miami High grad Albert Gonzalez, a "computer hacker accused of masterminding the biggest credit card data theft in history." Gonzalez was sentenced to a long stretch in federal prison back in March. If he behaves himself, he may get out in 2025 according to the Times piece.

(Miami New Times staff writer wrote the first in-depth account of the case back in May.)

Both the NYT magazine piece and Elfrink's piece are fascinating reads given the fact that much of the action takes place right here in Miami.

But while the teachers at SMHS may be speaking in hushed tones about the Gonzalez piece, perhaps - depending on your point of view - they do have reason to be proud.

Another South Miami High grad got a cover piece in the New York Times magazine last January. His name? Marco Rubio.

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