Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To the hard-working employees of Miami-Dade County

First of all, let me welcome all my new readers.

Normally we only have about 400 to 500 page loads a day here at this sleepy, little corner of the Internet.

But since I posted county documents on Monday that list the salaries of Miami-Dade employees who make over $100,000 a year, I've experienced an explosion of visits to my blog. And many of those stopping by work for the county! More on that in a bit.

Yesterday, I had about 7,400 unique visits and and some 13,500 page loads. Today traffic is off but still way above my normal daily numbers.

It goes without saying that an issue like this is going to generate a lot of emotion. You can see some of that in the comments on my original post. Comments on Miami Herald's story have passed the 200 mark,

It's pretty easy to tell who's leaving those comments. Simply put, commenters who defend the high salaries obviously work for the county and those who condemn the high salaries are taxpayers.

No one is saying that all county employees are lazy or don't deserve what they get paid. This comment left on the Herald's website speaks for itself:
20 plus years on the job and I've seen 2 friends shot and murdered,2 die from heart attacks and 2 from accidents. Thats not counting several that left on disability for injuries and psychological problems.

How much money is it worth to you to walk into a warehouses dark alley at 3 AM alone,because you heard a strange sound or go into a dark house knowing that a deranged person was inside and waiting for you. Do you think that you would like to be covered in blood and tell a mother that your CPR failed and that her daughter was dead.
And a Herald reader responded:
Sir. This is a job that you and your friends took by choice! We have brave soldiers fighting wars for this country that do not demand such high salaries! The problem is government in employees empowered by unscrupulous unions and politicians have used taxes to fill there wallets. When their is no money to make payroll most of us downsize. Government sticks its hands into someones wallet. Please remember government is an means not an end.
The outrage from taxpayers comes from the fact that somewhere in the county's 28,000 member workforce there are people who aren't pulling their weight.

The documents reveal that a lot of those earning six figures do so by working overtime.

But as I looked at my blog's stat counter this morning, I was left wondering how many of the Miami-Dade county workers who have visited my blog in the past few days have put in for overtime this year? Or how many of my blog's new readers from county hall make more than $100,000 a year?

Here's a screen shot showing a number of visits coming from the county-run Miami International Airport. (Click all images to enlarge.)

And here's a screen shot showing numerous entries from Miami-Dade county IP addresses.

The screen shot below also shows visits from a county IP address.

There's also an intriguing entry that shows numerous entries from the Department of Homeland Security in Centreville, Virginia. The entry shows visitors landing on my blog after clicking on a link at I can't imagine how the DHS is keeping America safe by visiting my blog. Or how Miami-Dade county workers justify those high salaries when they spend so much time surfing the 'net!

By the way, some Miami-Dade employees want you to know that they don't spend all their time surfing the 'net.

Here's a page on the county's website that explains what else they do: We run the Airport and the largest Seaport in the Southeast. We protect our delicate ecosystem. We recycle your Christmas trees after the holidays.

To borrow a phrase from a friend: "...I wonder what 6-figure crony came up with this drivel."

And another question: How many more like this guy are pulling down those six-figure salaries?


  1. So government employees use the internet while at work. Stop the presses.

    You know, until every government employee out there uses typewriters, drives a Kia, lives in an apartment building and plans on working until they're 80, I suspect no one is going to be happy.

    Until, of course, the boom times come back and they're again making twice as much as the government workers and driving Mercedes' that they can't afford and living in houses that have 3 mortgages and carrying $20K balances on their credit cards...yeah, only then will they feel like the govt. pay system is just about right.


  2. Thanks for writing such eloquent BS, Rick. Those government employees are burning up our taxpayer and/or public dollars in wages surfing the net and doing personal e-mails during the day, and that's yet another reason their salaries are way out of line in comparison to the private sector. We could easily eliminate 25% to 50% of those high paid government jobs and not even notice the surfers were gone.

    Thank you so much for yesterday's blog and the list of salaries over $100K. It proves that Mayor Alvarez has failed to cut government waste and that he increased our property taxes to maintain the lifestyles of the rich and greedy. Readers should note that all those hefty police salaries don't include a nice take home car with fuel and maintenance paid for by taxpayers, a significant value when you're commuting from Broward, Palm Beach or Monroe counties every day. Even if they patrol a desk all day long in headquarters or district offices or the corridors of Miami International Airport, they get a take home car. What a deal!

  3. do you know the people visiting this blog aren't $25K clerks pushing paper in the courthouse who are just as pissed off about their bosses making 6 figures? You don't.

    How do you know that eliminating 25%-50% of these "high paid government jobs" won't have a severe impact on county services? You don't.

    It's because of people like you who are looking for someone, anyone to blame for the sh*tstorm that George W. Bush created that we have a guy like Rick Scott as our Governor.

    Thank you for your uninformed and totally unsubstantiated opinion.


  4. Rick, you are sarcastic to an extreme and not acknowledging or addressing the issue - which is the taxpayers can only afford so much and with average salaries in MD county between $40-50k, we can't afford to pay so many $100k salaries. Make the police and firefighters statutory employees and then we'll see their mettle. Reduce management - it's way top heavy. Leave the salaries of anyone making less than $100k alone.


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